British Airways has filmed a new safety video, involving several UK stars

Who has at least one flight on the plane, probably noticed the training done by the flight attendants before the flight. But how many of those on board are really paying attention?

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So far, I have managed to collect dozens of flights in my personal history. Each flight begins with the training of the flight attendants. These are the 5-10 minutes with information about the safety of the aircraft and what we should do in case of depressurization, water landing, forced landing, etc., while the aircraft is running towards the runway.

British Airways has filmed a new safety video

In most cases, those on board are preoccupied with admiring airplanes, listening to music or phoning buttons.

In order to attract the attention of the passengers, the airlines have developed all kinds of funny but at the same time practical videos. Cartoon characters, television stars, athletes, actors, politicians, etc. were filmed. All with the same purpose, to transmit the safety information during the flight.

Today we present the new trailer of the video with safety instructions, which will run on board the British Airways aircraft. You will see 10 British stars, including actor Rowan Atkinson, who became famous through the character of Mr. Bean.

This film also has a humanitarian side, being made in collaboration with Comic Relief, a British charity founded in 1985 by Richard Curtis and Lenny Henry. The new savety video will officially be released in September!

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