British Airways will convert 9 bmi flights from Europe and Africa

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British Airways will convert 9 bmi (British Midland International) races to Europe and Africa. From 23 May, BD flights will become BA, but flight times and departure / arrival terminals will be respected. See below for which destinations the changes will occur.

London Heathrow - Agadir BD44x> BA816x
London Heathrow - Basel BD16x> BA813x / 814x
London Heathrow - Bergen BD55x> BA815x
London Heathrow - Casablanca BD44x> BA816x
London Heathrow - Marrakech BD44x> BA816x
London Heathrow - Women BD19x> BA814x
London Heathrow - Stavanger BD53x> BA815x

Races to Vienna and Hanover have not yet received the new BA identification numbers.

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