Brussels Airport expects more than 4 million passengers in July and August

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Brussels Airport expects to receive up to 4 million passengers between July and August. July 1 will be the busiest with about 72000 passengers in total, of which 39000 passengers will be on departure blocks. 

This represents 74% of the number of passengers in the summer of 2019, when there were 5,4 million passengers). After two summers marked by numerous travel restrictions, many people clearly need a well-deserved vacation!

This summer, tourists can choose from 185 direct destinations offered by 60 airlines at Brussels airport. The most popular summer destinations are Spain, the Canary Islands, Portugal, Italy and Greece. Following the end of travel restrictions related to Covid, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and the Cape Verde Islands are also in high demand.

When it comes to intercontinental flights, destinations in the United States and Canada are popular, especially now that testing requirements have been removed, as well as the Caribbean and Mexico. In Asia, Thailand is the most popular destination.

To cope with the large number of passengers, Brussels Airport is preparing to ensure that the busy summer holiday season runs smoothly. Meanwhile, the number of vacancies at the airport fell to 590, approaching the pre-Covid average. To better inform passengers, the digital chatbot on the Brussels Airport website has been updated and now also offers live information about waiting times for security checks.

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