Bucharest, city break destination for 3.600 Israeli tourists (video)

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During the period May - August 2014, Meshek Wings Tours Ltd from Israel - one of the first 10 tour operators in Israel, will bring about 3600 of Israeli tourists to Bucharest for city break programs. Also, Meshek Wings organizes a weekly charter flight with Israeli tourists, every Tuesday, for mountain trips, plus another weekly flight for the Romanian coast. All these flights, made in the charter system, will be operated by the company Blue Air.

Here are the top attractions in Bucharest for Israeli tourists:

1. Historical centre. It is lively, it gives the atmosphere of Little Paris.
2. Herastrau park. Israeli tourists are fascinated by this park, considering that they do not have, in their country, green spaces and lakes on large areas.
3. Folklore evenings (Pescăruş restaurants, City Grill, Voievodal restaurant, etc.). These restaurants also offered attractive prices because they understood that leisure tourists do not spend as much as business tourists.
4. Shopping. I particularly like malls, such as AFI Palace, Promenade, etc.

Regarding the Tel Aviv tourism fair, which took place last month, representatives of Meshek Wings believe that Romania has benefited from the most beautiful stand and this is the first time it has had a very dynamic participation.

Israeli tourists preferences for Romania destination:

1. young people - prefer the resort Mamaia and Bucharest, due to the fun opportunities (especially clubs)
2. Families / couples - prefers organized tours and city breaks.
3. seniors - Circuits, mountain stays.

Israeli tourists choose the destination either with 1-2 months in advance (such as the trade unionists), or last minute (generally individuals). The promotion of a country must be strong in order to influence the trade unionist.

Meshek Wings estimates, this year, due to the introduction of city break programs, doubling the number of tourists from Israel, compared to last year, at around 7.000. Only on city breaks are 3.600 tourists, and for Mamaia, 2.800. The flights to Constanta are operated between June and September with Blue Air aircraft with 160 seats.

Israeli tourists prefer, in Mamaia, Bavaria Blue, Phenicia Luxury Resort, Golden Tulip, Minerva Family Club hotels, and young people opt for two-star, National-type hotels, depending on budget. «We offer Israeli tourists who choose the Romanian coast and optional trips to the beautiful Danube Delta, a destination that attracts them a lot», mentions the guide Adrian Boico. The partner for the Romanian coast of Meshek Wings is the tour operator Tide.

(video: Calin Stan - ClubulFoto)

Israel is a very important market for Romania. 800.000 Romanian speakers live in Israel, if we take into account both the Jews born in Romania and their descendants, who learn the Romanian language in the family. There are many Israeli tourists who choose seaside destinations close to Romania, and a winner of recent years is Bulgaria.

Many Israelis also choose Greece. Israelis are currently looking for a new leisure destination. They are very happy with Bulgaria, but they could also be happy with Mamaia. Israelis prefer Mamaia because they are greatly influenced by the quality of the hotels. They are also attracted by the possibilities of fun, and Mamaia is, from this point of view, more lively than Varna (Bulgaria).

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