Bucharest - Zadar with RYANAIR, from June 19, 2021 (Flight schedule)

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RYANAIR, more precisely the subsidiary of Lauda Europe, has announced the new base in Zadar. 3 aircraft will be allocated and flights will start to 17 destinations in Europe. Among the new routes announced, we also find Bucharest - Zadar with flights from July 3.

Other flights from Zadar: Bari (Italia) Rome Ciampino (Italia) Milan Bergamo (Italia) Budapest (Hungary), Warsaw-Modlin (Poland), Gdańsk (Poland), Växjö / Kronoberg (Sweden), Stockholm Skavsta (Sweden), Hamburg (Germany), Aarhus (Denmark), Bremen (Germany), Eindhoven (Holland), Maastricht Aachen (Holland), Edinburgh (Scotland), Newcastle (England), Liverpool (England), Frankfurt (Germany) (info via SeanM1997).

Bucharest - Zadar flight schedule, from June 19

FR 4781 Bucharest 11:55 - 12:35 In vain on Saturday
FR 4780 Zadar 13:00 - 15:40 Bucharest on Saturday

Bucharest - Zadar flight schedule, from July 3

FR 4781 Bucharest 15:45 - 16:25 In vain on Saturday
FR 4780 Zadar 12:40 - 15:20 Bucharest on Saturday

FR 4781 Bucharest 23:10 - 23:50 In vain on Tuesday
FR 4780 Zadar 20:05 - 22:45 Bucharest on Tuesday

Rates start from 23.9 EURO / segment. As mentioned above, the flights will be operated by Praise Europe. It has a fleet of Airbus A320-200 aircraft configured in a class of 180 seats.

Zadar is a beautiful city in Croatia, which opens to the Adriatic Sea. Here you can admire and explore Roman ruins and Venetian architecture. The center of Zadar is crowded on a narrow island, a beautiful place to explore and get lost in the past. Among the most important tourist attractions, we mention the Roman Ruins, the Church of St. Donat, the Venetian Walls, the Museum of Church Art, etc.

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