PROMO: Bucharest - New York, rates from 337 EURO. Air France + KLM tickets!

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In our daily searches, we found this very good offer for Bucharest - New York. The ticket price starts from 343 EURO for return flights.

The price of 337 euros was validated on the website of the Dutch carrier, KLM. The flights are operated by KLM in the shower and by Air France in return. I also found at the price of 343 euros, a combination of flights between KLM, Delta and Tarom.

Bucharest - New York, rates from 337 EURO

Bucharest-new-york-September 336-euro

CAREFUL!!! This price also includes luggage: 1 x hand baggage of 12 kg and 1 x hold baggage of 23 kilograms.

Storage-included-Bucharest-New York

It is a great price for this route, including the fact that luggage is included.

Nowadays, more and more airlines are starting to remove certain services from the standard fare in order to keep up with the low cost operators. It is good to check carefully what services you have included and what you do not have when you find very low prices. In this case, we checked for you, those who read us every day!

Take advantage of the offer and enjoy the trip!

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