(SHOCK price) Bucharest - San Diego from 447 EUR with KLM

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If there is an orange code for snow, I think the beach can be made overseas. What would it be like to fly with just 447 EUR to San Diego, California? It would be great and you have to hurry because the airline KLM has a great deal for San Diego and Tampa, with prices starting from 447 EUR for departures from Bucharest.

In a quick analysis, I found some interesting periods: you can leave during the 14-20 April and return will be on the days of 29 or 30 April. A small vacation up to 14 days would not hurt.


Si Caesar has discovered the tariff of 447 EUR for other periods. I say hurry up and make the most of it.

You can choose whether you fly through Los Angeles or Minneapolis. The flights are operated by KLM and Delta Air Lines in codeshare partnership.


Looking further, I think there are still periods with prices from 447 EUR. Don't forget your US visa!

  1. Mihai says

    It's not really beach time, but it's warmer anyway 😀 Bath is not the weather, it's a visa :). Mixed off, you little hunter 😛

  2. Sorin Rusi says

    Let there be many who have state visas: D… To enjoy the offer: D

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