Bulgaria lifts restrictions for tourists vaccinated / tested negative or cured by COVID-19, from May 1, 2021

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On April 23, the Sofia government met to establish the new restrictive measures that will be applied from May 1. According to statements made by the Bulgarian Minister of Health, Kostadin Angelov, tourists will be able to travel to Bulgaria according to the following requirements: vaccination certificate or negative PCR / antigen test or proof of recovery from COVID-19 infection.

Bulgaria wants to impose measures similar to those already announced by neighboring countries, namely Greece, but also close to those recommended by the EU. By the end of April, the measures for organizing tourist excursions will be announced.

Also in the coming days, Bulgaria could give the green light to the reopening of schools, but it will be done in stages, starting with April 26. During Easter, participation in the church will be allowed, but people will have to wear a mask (except for priests). The churches will provide disinfectant at the entrance, the common surfaces will always have to be disinfected, the premises well ventilated. Parishioners will not be allowed to touch relics or kiss icons.

For the most part, these will be the measures that Bulgaria will implement. Romanians, who will choose to spend their Easter vacation in Bulgaria, must also take into account Romania's yellow list. The unvaccinated will be quarantined on return, if they do not comply with the exceptions announced by the authorities in Bucharest. In conclusion, those completely vaccinated with COVID-19 (2 doses and 10 days after the booster) will be able to travel without restrictions to and fro.

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