Christmas messages! Congratulations and Christmas wishes! Christmas texts for SMS!

We are in the Christmas period, times when people are kinder, understanding and think more about their loved ones. During this period, people are more giving and altruistic, preparing surprises for family, friends. If we haven't sent a message to our relatives and friends all year, at least for Christmas let's send them messages and wishes from the heart. We would prefer to call them, but we can also send them Christmas texts or SMS.

If you are at a loss for ideas, we come to your aid and recommend a series of messages, texts, sms and Christmas wishes. Whether they are written from the heart or just copied, the gesture counts. The messages can be more funny or sensitive.

Christmas greetings and messages

  • Enjoy peace, light and warmth with your loved ones. Give with all your heart and open your soul to receive love and happiness. Let your soul be reborn and live every day as a gift from God.
  • May the Baby born in the manger of Bethlehem fill your homes and souls with joy, health and much wisdom for the coming year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • May the joy and peace brought by the holy holidays accompany you throughout your life!
  • Love is the spirit of the holidays! Don't forget that God loves us so much that he gave us his son Let's celebrate him today!
  • With Christmas carols, we wish you a better year; and with Christian love receive the gift of light; may the ice flower jingles enjoy your life; good luck to you in everything, Happy New Year with health!

Beautiful Christmas messages

  • On this Christmas night, forget the dark thoughts. You have many more nights to deal with them. Calm your soul and send a beautiful thought to each of your loved ones and you will feel at peace.
  • Santa Claus knocks on the door; he takes his hand out of his glove and gives you the gifts of heaven from his palm; next to the fir tree and next to the fire to fill you with luck!
  • I wish you and your family good health, happiness and good luck in life! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope this Christmas brings you only happiness in your home and family!
  • May the beauty of winter, with the sweet echo of carols and the image of loved ones in your soul, bring you fulfillment, love and happiness. Happy celebrations!
  • May the charm of the Christmas days enliven you and illuminate your whole being! Enjoy the true meaning of this holiday with all those you love!
  • My dear parents, you enlightened my life and showed me the right path! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the advice and love you have given me! Magical holidays!

Christmas SMS

  • The greatest gift that Christmas can bring us is a happy family and close dear friends. Merry Christmas!
  • May the Holy Christmas Holidays bring joy to your homes, good luck and health with your loved ones! Happy Birthday!
  • I saw him climb the basket with his Santa hat; money, luck and health he had it all in his basket. Merry Christmas!
  • May the gentle spirit of Christmas shower upon you only joy and happiness, prosperity, cheerfulness and health in the coming year! Happy celebrations!
  • For Christmas, have a loaded Christmas tree, wealth in the house, consecrated glass, clean wine, bright thoughts and fulfillment in the soul. Merry Christmas"

Funny Christmas Messages

  • I saw Santa Claus last night, he came from far away with a big sack on his back to bring health, so wait for him to come, but now he's with me!
  • Christmas is that wonderful time when you think about all your loved ones and ... what size sweater they wear! Have a magical Christmas!
  • On the occasion of the winter holidays, I wish you good health, happiness and only fulfillment to bring you the new year!
  • May the Holy Christmas Holidays bring you as much happiness as Santa can; joy as elves can carry and as much love as reindeer can fly!
  • May Santa Claus with a kind heart bring you Diamond VISA cards, carnivals in Rio, Brazilians in custody on Eve. Come on, stop dreaming that the cake was burnt!
  • Puppy with curly hair; to have a jeep in the coop and a villa with a swimming pool; Andreea Marin as a neighbor; a shovel for money; Happy New Year and Happy New Year!
  • Ho Ho Ho, have you seen a brown reindeer? Or a leprechaun in blue? Have a tasty, rich Santa, an enviable Christmas! Health and Happy Birthday!