Clinceni airfield has been modernized

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On Saturday, April 9, we were invited to participate in the first landings at the new Clinceni airfield. "Aurel Vlaicu" Territorial Aeroclub, Bucharest is „casa"The Romanian Aeroclub, but also the largest aerodrome in our country.

Good news for Romanian pilots!

After years in a row, during which time the Romanian Aeroclub invested in the modernization of the fleet as well as of the territorial aeroclubs, it was Clinceni's turn. This is the most modern aerodrome in Romania!

A year ago, here I found 2 grassy tracks, 3 hangars and a control tower. Following the modernization, the tracks were rebuilt from 0. Now, they also have a drainage system, because in the rainy season it was impossible to take off from the grass.

Currently, the aerodrome has a grassy runway, being the "glider" runway, but also a flat runway, being the "engine" runway.

This year the aerodrome has been enriched with a new control tower, a modern one, a new hangar because the fleet is constantly growing. At the same time, a building with office spaces for briefing / debriefing and study was built.

In the photos below you can see how much this airfield has changed over the course of a year.

Tracks, platform, raceways!

The glider track remained grassy, ​​being used predominantly for gliders. This track is 50m wide and 1000m long (24L-06R).

The "engine" runway was paved, being used by the aircraft club's planes, as well as by the private ones. This track is 30m wide and 1000m long (24R-06L).

Both the runways and the aerodrome platform have been paved for better ground procedures.

Project vs reality!

That being said, this investment in small aviation is looking forward to the official start of the flight season to participate in Air Shows!

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