Cluj-Napoca airport: flights to 65 destinations in the 2023 summer season!

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International Airport Avram Iancu Cluj announces good news for the 2023 summer season. There will be more travel opportunities to destinations in Europe and the Middle East, but also with significant increases in frequencies to several destinations.

Avram Iancu Airport from Cluj in numbers!

Cluj International Airport continues to record significant increases of passenger traffic, recording in the first quarter of 2023 approximate 600.000 of passengers, in 6% increase compared to the first quarter of the year 2019, which represented the best in the history of the Cluj airport and growing with 80% compared to the first quarter of the year 2022.

Also, during May of this year, it is estimated that the threshold will be reached 1 million passengers transported from the Cluj airport, one month earlier than the previous year.

Over 65 destinations in the 2023 summer season

Cluj International Airport passengers currently have the opportunity to travel to approx 50 of destinations offered by 9 air operators: Wizz Air, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Lot Polish Airlines, Ryanair, HiSky, Tarom, AeroExpress Regional and AirConnect, and during the summer season will exceed the threshold of 65 destinations operated from Cluj airport.

The increase in passenger traffic is supported in the summer 2023 program by the launch/resumption of 11 routes and the start of operations for a new airlineor AirConnect which currently operates flights to Budapest, and from June 22, 2023 it will connect Cluj by Romanian seaside, through flights to Constant, operated with 2 weekly frequencies, every Thursday and Sunday.

Also, the Aeroexpress Regional airline is extending its flight operation period to the Hungarian capital, Budapest, until the end of August 2023. With the start of the 2023 summer season, the airline Ryanair started new flights to 3 destinations from 3 European countries, respectively Brussels Charleroi (Belgium), Milan-Bergamo (Italy) and Paris Beauvais (France), thus expanding to 5 the number of destinations available from Cluj International Airport, along with flights to Dublin and London Stansted.

More flights on existing routes from Cluj

The 2023 summer season brings increased connectivity for several routes departing from Cluj-Napoca, to major European capitals or cities of interest: Bucureşti (35 flights/week), London Luton/Stansted (21 flights/week), Milan-Bergamo (17-18 flights/week), Munich (14 flights/week), Frankfurt Main/Hahn (13 flights/week), Paris Beauvais (11 flights/week), Brussels Charleroi (11 flights/week), and Istanbul and Barcelona (7 flights/week), Warsaw and Budapest (6 flights/week).

Ryanair flights from Cluj

Thus, with the start of flights Ryanair on the 3 new routes, the frequencies for Milan Bergamo increased by a total of 13 frequencies per week compared to the 2023 winter season (+6 Wizz Air and +7 Ryanair), those for Paris Beauvais with 7 additional weekly flights (+3 Wizz Air and +4 Ryanair) and those to Brussels Charleroi (+ 1 Wizz Air and +4 Ryanair) with 5 more flights per week.

Also, in the summer season, Ryanair supplements the flights to the most popular route from Cluj International Airport, respectively to London (Stansted), from 3 to 4 weekly frequencies, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Ryanair flights to Dublin are kept in operation with 2 weekly frequencies, every Monday and Friday, and as an alternative for this destination, the company HiSky increases weekly frequencies from 2 to 3 and operates flights to Dublin every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Wizz Air flights from Cluj

The air operator Wizz Air will add in the 2023 summer season 6 more routes that will be operated in addition to the 34 routes already in the route network of the Cluj airport. An absolute first from the airline company Wizz Air is the new route to Antalya (Turkey) which will be operated from 18th May 2023, with 2 weekly flights, Thursday and Sunday.

Malta (Malta) resumed today, April 3, 2023, with 2 and even 3 weekly flights on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Also, Wizz Air will resume operating flights to extremely popular holiday destinations from Greece - Corfu, from June 12, 2023 (Monday and Friday), Crete Chania from June 13, 2023 (Tuesday and Saturday) and Zakynthos from June 15, 2023 (Thursday and Sunday) and Spain – Palma de Mallorca from June 14 (Wednesday and Sunday).

Lufthansa flights from Cluj

For journeys with connections through the largest European hubs, the airline Lufthansa will maintain flight operations to Munich with 14 weekly frequencies, and during the summer season will double the number of flights available to Frankfurt Main (Germany), from 6 to 12 weekly flights.

Turkish Airlines flights from Cluj

Also the airline Turkish Airlines will increase the number of available flights to Istanbul (Turkey) by 3 frequencies, thus having daily flights to this destination from Cluj airport.

Lot Polish Airlines flights from Cluj

Polish airline operator Lot Polish Airlines increased by 2 weekly frequencies the number of regular flights available to Warsaw (Poland), thus operating up to 6 weekly flights in the 2023 summer season from Cluj International Airport.

Cluj – Bucharest flights in the 2023 summer season

The airline Tarom offers travel opportunities to Bucureşti through the flights operated with 25 weekly frequencies in the 2023 summer season, and the airline HiSky it also offers an alternative to flights to the capital of Romania, Bucharest, maintaining the operation with 10-11 weekly frequencies from Cluj airport. The Tel Aviv destination also recorded a significant increase, for which in the 2023 summer season, the HiSky company doubles the frequencies from 1 to 2 weekly flights.

Charter flights in the summer season 2023

Regarding the charter flights, the destination Hurghada (Egypt) was operated during the entire winter season and will continue with the summer season 2023 when other charter flights will be launched, to sunny and unique holiday destinations from Egypt (Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh), Greece (Crete-Chania, Crete-Heraklion, Rhodes, Zakynthos), Turkey (Antalya, Bodrum), Spania (Palma de Mallorca) and tunisia (Monastery).

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