Croatia will not impose additional restrictions on American tourists

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Croatia will continue to allow those traveling from the US to enter Croatian territory, despite the recommendation of the European Union to impose stricter measures on US tourists due to increased rates of COVID-19 infection.

At a meeting of interior ministers in Brussels, Croatian Minister Davor Božinović said his country would not follow EU recommendations this time. "It simply came to our notice then. There have been situations where Croatia has not complied with EU recommendations, so when it comes to US citizens, this will not happen again. We know that Americans come to us mainly as tourists, which means that they have met all the epidemiological conditions to come. ", said Božinović.

The EU also recommended stricter rules on arrivals from Israel, Kosovo, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia, as countries have recently seen a significant increase in infection rates.

Currently, US travelers arriving in Croatia must report a negative PCR or antigen test that was performed no later than 72 hours before departure. If such a test cannot be provided, passengers are required to perform a PCR or antigen test on arrival, at their own expense, and to isolate themselves until the result is obtained.

If the test cannot be performed, the passenger will be quarantined for a period of ten days. However, these rules do not apply to those who have been fully vaccinated against the virus or to those who can provide a certificate of recovery.

Italy is the first country to set more drastic restrictions on travel from the United States. They are required to present the negative result of a PCR or antigen test that was performed before arriving in Italy and to complete a digital form. For those who are not vaccinated, the Italian authorities require that, in addition to these measures, travelers be quarantined for a period of five days and perform a PCR or antigen test on the last day of isolation.

Belgium and Germany had already imposed strict requirements for travel in the US, a few days before the EU recommendations.

Croatia and the United States have very close diplomatic relations, the latter nominating Croatia for the visa waiver program, a program that allows Croats to enter the United States for tourism or business purposes without the need for a visa.

The United States has reported just over 120.000 positive cases with COVID-19 and 744 deaths in the last 24 hours. On the other hand, Croatia, which has a population of over ten million, has reported 4 Coronavirus-related deaths and 805 cases of infection in the last 24 hours, the WHO reveals.

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