Cyprus no longer allows travel for tourism in Romania.

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Cyprus relegated Romania and moved it to category C, along with Portugal, Sweden, Great Britain, Serbia, Montenegro, Luxembourg. This means that access is allowed only if certain conditions are met. But most importantly, Cyprus no longer allows travel for tourism in Romania

About the new conditions imposed by Cyprus, which came into force on July 23, 2020, I also wrote. The novelty lies in the fact that Cyprus has decided to block tourist travel to all Group C countries. passengers from countries belonging to category C they are obliged to remain in self-isolation, at the declared address, for 14 days.

Under the new measures, access to the territory of the Republic of Cyprus is allowed to citizens coming from countries included in category C, as follows:

  1. Cypriot citizens and foreign nationals legally residing in the Republic of Cyprusprovided that they have on them an identity document, respectively the certificate of residence (yellow sheet).
  2. Other categories of people* which come from category C states only provided that a special permit is issued by the Cypriot Ministry of the Interior. You must send an email to [email protected], in which to present the reasons why you want to travel to Cyprus, attaching the supporting documents, and wait for the permit to be issued.

⃰ Categories of people:

  • holders of diplomatic passports on mission
  • business people and scientists who have to travel for professional reasons,
  • specialists who have an employment contract,
  • athletes who have contracts with clubs in the Republic of Cyprus,
  • humanitarian cases (eg people who have family members who have died in the Republic of Cyprus and want to come to the funeral).
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