Cyprus has waived all COVID-19 rules

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The obligation to wear protective masks indoors has been completely removed, except in high-risk areas such as hospital, public transport and pharmacies. The decision was announced by the Cypriot Minister of Health, Michalis Hadijpantela, who cited the improvement of the epidemiological situation as the main factor.

"It is recommended that people belonging to vulnerable groups and people interacting with high-risk people wear masks," reports local Cypriot media, reminding citizens to be careful.

Additionally, as of August 31, restaurants, nightclubs, stadiums, churches and casinos will be able to use their full capacity, meaning there is no limit to the number of people allowed to share such a space.

Mandatory rapid tests have also been scrapped, but the government has distributed a free pack of five self-tests to all returning primary and pre-school pupils. Although the mandatory testing requirement has been removed, all students and teaching staff must complete a self-test before returning to school. In addition, a rapid test or weekly self-test will be recommended for everyone, regardless of whether they are fully, partially or unvaccinated.

"After three years, we are able to relax the current measures, as the epidemiological data show a significant improvement in our country. We will continue to raise awareness of the need to adhere to protective measures and the benefits of vaccination against COVID-19, among others", said the Minister of Health.

The new measures indicate that Cyprus is fully open to tourists and, as Tourism Minister Savvas Perdios revealed, the country has already reached 80% of its pre-pandemic levels in tourism, welcoming almost four million tourists in July.

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