Danube Delta Romania in 4K - Time lapse, tilt shift & aerial travel (Video)

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German photographer Joeg Dieber, creator of the youtube channel - Little Big World - focused on Romania. focused on Romania. Thus, this year, two videos dedicated to our country appeared, one of which focuses exclusively on the Danube Delta. Joeg Dieber makes timelapses filmed with a tilt-shift lens, giving the images the appearance of thumbnails, informs mindcraftstories.ro.

The Danube Delta, located mostly in Dobrogea (Romania) and partly in Ukraine, is the second largest and best preserved of the European deltas. It is considered the largest wetland in Europe and has formed over 10.000 years.

Of the entire surface of the Delta, only 10% is represented by land, while over 3.000 square kilometers are represented by natural terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. All these areas of the Delta are included in the UNESCO Patrimony within the “Man and Biosphere” program.

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