On Valentine's Day, Delta employees received $ 1.1 billion in bonuses

Every year, since February 14, Delta gives employees bonuses a significant percentage of the company's profit.

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For Delta employees, Valentine's Day means bonuses. For the 4 consecutive year, Delta Cupid has been very generous with the approximately 80 000 employees. This year, 1.1 billion worth of bonuses were offered. In 2017, Delta made $ X billion worth of profits.

Bonuses worth 1.1 billion

Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta, praises the performance of Delta Air Lines, and all the appreciation goes to the people in the company. He also said: "Valentine's Day is our favorite day every year to celebrate the incredible results achieved by our people."

From 2013 to the present, Delta Air Lines has offered employees bonuses worth approximately $ 5 billion. Most employees receive bonuses in excess of 10% of gross salary.

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Returning to today, most of the money was received by the Delta base in Atlanta - 378 million dollars. Obviously, most Delta employees are here. The least money went to the Delta base in Chicago, only 3 million dollars, but here the number of employees is commensurate.

Aircraft orders received bonuses between 29 000 dollars and 59 000 dollars. Except for top management, commanders are generally the highest paid airline employees.

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