Coronavirus: Dozens of airlines have announced the suspension of flights to / from China

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As the deadly coronavirus found in Wuhan continues to spread, several airlines have announced the suspension of flights to / from China. The reason behind this decision is based on declining demand and also to prevent the spread of the disease.

Among the European airlines, which have decided to suspend flights to / from China, are: Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, SWISS, British Airways, Finnair, Air France and KLM, Iberia. They have canceled flights to different destinations in China or have greatly reduced their number. The most affected flights are to Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai. Other affected destinations: Nanjing, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Xiamen.

Flights suspended to China

Other airlines, which announced the suspension of operations to China: Air Canada, American Airlines, United, Cathay Pacific, Asiana Airlines, Air Seoul, Lion Air, Air Tanzania, Air India, Jetstar Asia, IndoGo, Vietnam Airlines, EL AL, EgyptAir , Korean Air, Qantas, Virgin Atlantic.

Most routes to / from China have been suspended until February 9, but there are also airlines that have announced the cancellation of flights until the end of February. Depending on the evolution of the situation in China, airlines can return to the decision.

Unfortunately, the situation in China worries us all. Official data show more than 7700 people carrying coronavirus, and over 170 people lost the fight with it. The World Health Organization (WHO) is to announce a global emergency. The virus has been confirmed in 15 other countries.

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