EASA suspended Turkmenistan Airlines flights to the European Union

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EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) announced today that it is suspending Turkmenistan Airlines flights to Europe.

The main reason would be non-compliance with international air safety standards.

Turkmenistan Airlines comes from a country in the former Soviet Union. It was established in 1992 and operates a fleet of 29 aircraft, including a Boeing 757.

EASA has suspended Turkmenistan Airlines flights

To Europe, Turkmenistan Airlines flies to Heathrow, Birmingham, Frankfurt and Paris.

Following the EASA decision, approximately 5000 passengers were affected by the canceled flights, which were to be operated by Turkmenistan Airlines from / to Europe.

The suspension decision remains in effect until the company is reassessed. Flights to the UK could only be resumed if they were no longer governed by EASA decisions.

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