Egypt will reopen all airports from July 1

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From July 1, Egypt will reopen all its airports for international traffic. The statement was made on Sunday by the Minister of Civil Aviation.

Mohamed Manar Anba said in a press conference that flights will be resumed gradually from airports in Egypt, starting in July.

Egypt will reopen all airports

The government has said it will reopen Egypt's main resorts for foreign tourists and international flights. Considering that we are talking about the main coastal resorts, we mention Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheih, the favorites of Romanians :).

Khaled al-Anani (Minister of Tourism) and Mohamed Manar Anba (Minister of Civil Aviation) presented the anti-COVID measures, which must be taken in airplanes, airports and hotels, all for the safety of tourists and staff.

Tourists from countries with high rates of infection with the new coronavirus, based on World Health Organization (WHO) assessments, must be tested before traveling to Egypt, ministers said.

The pandemic has hampered Egypt's tourism industry, which the government says accounts for 5 percent of economic output. If all those who work directly and indirectly in tourism are taken into account, then the percentage increases to 15% of Egypt's GDP.

Egypt, a country of about 100 million people, has 44.598 cases of coronavirus and 1.575 deaths. The number is lower than in many European countries, but cases have risen in the last three weeks.

On Sunday, the health ministry reported more than 1.600 new cases for the second day in a row and a daily record of 91 deaths, according to a statement.

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