Record of vaccination appointments in France! Emmanuel Macron made the statement that scared the French!

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Hundreds of thousands of people in France rushed to schedule vaccination against coronavirus after the president made the statement of the day. He warned that unvaccinated people will face restrictions aimed at limiting the rapid spread of the Delta variant.

Revealing radical measures to combat the rise in infections, Emmanuel Macron said Monday night that vaccination will not be mandatory for the general public, but stressed that the restrictions will focus on those who are not vaccinated. The president also said that health workers must be vaccinated by September 15, otherwise they will bear the consequences.

Stanislas Niox-Chateau, who runs Doctolib, one of the largest online sites in the country that is used for vaccination scheduling, told RMC radio that there is a record number of appointments after the president's announcement.

About a million vaccination schedules in France

"About a million vaccination schedules have been made in just a few minutes, which means thousands of lives can be saved.", Declared the Minister of Health, Olivier Veran, on BFM TV. Macron said Monday that a health permit will be required to attend events, including restaurants, cinemas and theaters. The health permit will also be required to be able to board trains or planes in August, providing an additional incentive for people to get vaccinated as the summer holiday season begins. The health permit can be obtained after vaccination or testing.

A slowdown in vaccination rates and a sharp rise in new infections due to the now-dominant Delta variant have forced the government to rethink its strategy. "September 15th is too far away, so we need to react quickly. The number of new coronavirus cases doubles every five days. What we want is to avoid a new pandemic wave and get protection for everyone. This decision is not easy."

After falling from more than 42.000 new cases a day in mid-April to less than 2.000 a day in late June, the average number of new infections a day in France has risen again to it is now at almost 4.000 a day. Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire warned Franceinfo radio that the only obstacle to France's 6% economic growth in 2021 would be the unfavorable evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the Delta variant.

France has so far vaccinated 40% of the eligible population against the complete Covid scheme, as the Delta version of the coronavirus has become dominant in the country. 

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