England relaxes travel rules for fully vaccinated people! No test done before the trip!

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In the midst of the fifth wave of the new coronavirus pandemic, in which the Omicron variant is spreading rapidly among the population, England decides to relax the travel measures for fully vaccinated people!

Thus, from January 7, starting at 04:00, all fully vaccinated people will be able to travel to England without a test done before the trip and without being quarantined at the destination. However, PCR testing will still be required within 2 days of your arrival in England. The test must be booked before the trip.

After January 9, starting at 04:00 am, all fully vaccinated people will be able to choose to take a quick test instead of a PCR test after arriving in England. This is the test that must be done within a maximum of 2 days after arriving in England. The quick test that you have to do in England, you can book before the trip, starting with January 7, at 04:00.

If you take a quick test and the result is positive, you will need to isolate yourself and take a confirmatory PCR test.

You cannot use a quick test before 4:00 on Sunday, January 9th. Until January 9, at 04:00, you must book a PCR test before the trip and do it after arrival in a maximum of two days. Day 0 is the day you arrived in England.

The full vaccination rules also apply to children eligible for vaccination, to persons taking an approved vaccine test and to persons who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons.

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