eSky Group announces entry into six new European markets

eSky Group, the company that owns eSky Romania, announces the entry into six new European markets in the year 2018 and the launch of new products.

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Already present on 21 of markets in Europe and South America, eSky has recently expanded to markets in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Spain and Croatia, thus supporting the company's global development strategy, with strong local markets and stable.

After entering the six new markets, eSky evaluates development opportunities in both APAC (Asia Pacific) and MENA (Middle East, North Africa) regions. eSky Group recorded a significant financial growth in the year 2017, reporting a net profit with 21% higher compared to the year 2016.

Six new European markets for the eSky Group

Year 2018 also came with historical records: at group level, in May there were over 100.000 of transactions, the equivalent of over 150.000 of air tickets sold. Part of the unprecedented success is also due to the launch of the and platforms, in addition to the existing ones. Due to them, the group has significantly strengthened its presence globally, at this time there are no countries or territories from which it has not registered traffic.

New tourist products and services introduced for Romanian tourists

The online travel platform eSky Romania offers various tourist services: air tickets, hotels, car rental and travel insurance, over 80% of the transactions being carried out automatically, respectively without the intervention of a travel agent.

2017 marked the launch of new products that brought a competitive advantage to the local market. In addition to the Travel Assistant, the prepaid service that gives tourists access to numerous changes to the travel plan without paying the service fee (changing the airline ticket, route, passenger name, registering extra luggage or requesting special services), eSky Romania has also introduced the option of automatic online check-in.

Thus, tourists get rid of the pre-travel formalities, as they can directly receive the boarding pass with which they will be presented at the airport. Tourists now have the opportunity to book their favorite seat on the plane right from the time of purchase of the tickets.

Customers can also choose from a variety of hotels, eSky exceeding the threshold of 1 million displayed accommodation units, for locations around the world.

Flight + Hotel by eSky Group

As for the products and services to be developed in 2018, the company focuses its resources on optimizing user accounts, but also on the final implementation of the Flight + Hotel product.

User accounts will offer many benefits to eSky customers: access to payment and reservation history, the ability to save travel partners' data and reuse them in future bookings, but also to receive unique discounts, especially for members.

The Flight + Hotel product, which offers dynamic offers that can be 100% booked online, will be constantly optimized to provide tourists with an improved browsing experience. By booking a Flight + Hotel, users can get up to 30% discount on the hotel room, a reduction possible only through such a package.

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