UEFA Euro 2020, millions of passengers on board aircraft

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Routes Europe 2019 took place this week. The event was held in Hannover and gathered hundreds of representatives of the airlines, airports and related industries.

Among the topics addressed was UEFA Euro 2020, the most anticipated football event of the year 2020. It will be the 60 anniversary of the competition.

Thomas PERROT, Mobility Manager at UEFA, mentioned that UEFA EURO 2020 not only means matches but also millions of supporters and passengers on European flights. Such a sporting event means an opportunity for airlines, airports and tourism.

UEFA Euro 2020 and millions of passengers

UEFA EURO 2020 will bring in the stands over 3 millions of supporters plus another 2 million passengers on flights during the football competition.

In 2020, the 24 teams will play 51 matches in 12 countries, including Romania. And let's not forget that there will also be Champions League and EUROPA League competitions.

Thomas PERROT recommends that air carriers link host cities to UEFA EURO 2020, increase frequencies on existing routes and increase passenger comfort.

As for airports, it is a good opportunity to increase their revenues through the increased number of passengers, but also by the increased number of regular flights, charters and even VIPs. As for tourism, I think it is very clear that all these people need food, accommodation and transportation.

But transportation is very important. UEFA EURO 2020 starts and ends. When it comes to flagship football events, the matches don't just have 90 minutes.

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