TAROM abandons the route Bucharest - Lyon

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Tonight, a friend pointed out to me that TAROM would give up the route Bucharest - Lyon, which I found extremely strange. So I did some simulations on the TAROM website and noticed that the last direct flight Bucharest - Lyon is on March 29, 2013. Since April, any attempt to search for direct flights to Lyon ended in an error. But the searches on Bucharest - Lyon with a stopover went perfectly and they are all via Paris.

We searched for the last direct flight Bucharest - Lyon from March!


I searched for direct flights Bucharest - Lyon in April and only found a stopover via Paris!

I selected the departure on 3 April and the return on 8, +/- 2 days!

We have taken into account the lowest rates!

And all flights with stopover via Paris!

The route was opened in 2009 and is operated by the Boeing 737-300 aircraft. Does TAROM's strategy to open 3 new routes from IAI include the cancellation of already existing routes? In the present conditions, if those mentioned above are confirmed, I expect HOP! to Bucharest with flights from Lyon!

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