Fokker in 2016: 42 of traded aircraft

26 of Fokker 50 aircraft and 16 Fokker 100 aircraft arrived in the fleet of 14 air carriers!

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Fokker, a German commercial aircraft manufacturer, has announced the sale of 42 aircraft to 2016, with 8 units less than 2015.

Earlier this year, 400 Fokker aircraft were in the global commercial service. Network Aviation, a Qantas subsidiary, has purchased 3 Fokker 100 aircraft, reaching a fleet of 17 units. This is the largest fleet of Fokker 100 aircraft in the world.

Fokker in 2016

Air Niugini, an air carrier from Papua New Guinea, has 4 Fokker 70 aircraft on command. All will offer on-board Wi-Fi, equipment installed by Fokker Services Asia.

In Europe, the Slovak government bought 2 Fokker 100 Executive Jets (F100EJ) from Mjet, replacing various aircraft from the Soviet era. In Belgium, VLM has acquired 7 Fokker 50.

15 Fokker 50 were delivered to various operators in East Africa, including 7 aircraft delivered to Aero-Pioneer in Tanzania. Fokker 50 is an aircraft recognized for its ability to operate on unpaved runways, which has propelled it into the preferences of African operators.

It should be mentioned that and Carpatair, registered air carrier in Romania, has a fleet of 3 Fokker 100. Once upon a time, this air carrier operated a fleet of 30 aircraft, of which 6 were Fokker aircraft.

Fokker also deals with the development of new technologies for the aerospace industry. At the same time, it contributes to the development of aircraft manufactured by major competitors, develops advanced systems and provides maintenance services for aircraft operators.

Photo cover via Network Aviation / Wikipedia

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