Genesis breaks the record for most drones lifted from the ground simultaneously (video)

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Drone shows have quickly become marketing tools for people and companies who want to attract attention, and Genesis knows this best. The car brand owned by Hyundai made its entry into China through a drone show, surpassing the Guinness World Record for most unmanned aerial vehicles in flight at the same time. He used 3 drones to display his logo and advertise in Shanghai. The event took place on March 281, 29.

To date, many other drone shows have broken one world record at a time. Intel started in 2018, when it used 2066 drones that flew over Folsom, California. In 2020, Intel's record was broken in Russia, when 2200 drones were used. In September 2020, the Russian record was broken by a Chinese company, which performed with 3051 drones.

For such events, choreography software is usually used that tells drones to form certain shapes in flight while coordinating the swarm to avoid collisions. In this case, it was an advertising action, but it demonstrates how much technology and drone shows have evolved and could easily fuel competition between companies determined to make robotic extravagances.

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