Germany announced the sale of 59 million tickets at 9 EURO within three months!

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The German government said the €9 ticket, which allows buyers to use all buses and trains in local and regional transport, has been a real success. 52 million tickets were sold at 9 EURO, within three months – June, July and August.

"Since the start of sales at the end of May, around 52 million €9 tickets have been sold across the country. In addition, there are around ten million subscribers who automatically received the discount ticket", it is stated in the communique of the German government.

The €9 ticket was a one-time special offer that could only be purchased in June, July and August 2022. The €9 single ticket could be used throughout Germany on buses, trains, as well as local and regional transport. The ticket was not valid for long journeys by train and coach.

According to the German government, the €9 ticket was an initiative aimed at supporting citizens and providing an incentive to switch to green public transport. The Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) has already published its final balance sheet. The data provided by the VDV shows that Germany has experienced a clear shift effect. During the period when the €9 ticket was valid, the country recorded several transfers.

According to VDV, 17% of ticket users switched from other means of transport to public transport. In addition, the study shows that there were fewer car journeys, as 10% of €9 ticket buyers eliminated at least one of their daily car journeys.

"The popularity of the 9 euro ticket is unbroken, and the positive effect on combating climate change is demonstrated", he said VDV. Regarding the climate impact of the €9 note, VDV said the reduction in greenhouse gases was 600 tonnes of CO000 each month.

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