Germany has launched an online portal announcing the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in each state

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At a time when travel and holidays are organized under a special regime, Germany is preparing for next year by launching a online portal with the latest information on how coronavirus affects travel to Germany.

It shall communicate all the rules and restrictions imposed in each Land, together with the public safety measures, public transport and travel conditions.

Restrictions imposed in the 16 federal states

Germany, a bidding country through the various possibilities it offers for spending the holidays, has been among the favorite choices of Romanian tourists in recent years. In order to keep all tourists informed, the German Tourism Organization - DZT has added on the official website of the organization a online page that communicates in detail all travel conditions and restrictions in Germany.

For each state, relevant information about restaurants, bars, terraces, clubs, hotels, holiday homes, public transport, airports, public events, meetings, outdoor and indoor activities, access to indoor and outdoor pools, museums, etc. are mentioned.

For example, partial quarantine has been extended in Berlin until 22 December, and quarantine is mandatory for travelers who have been in a high-risk area for the past ten days. The new quarantine period in Germany is ten days, and it can end on the fifth day if a negative SARS COV2 test is presented.

It is allowed access to public spaces for single people, accompanied only by life partners and members of their own home. Restaurants, terraces, bars, clubs, museums, cinemas and swimming pools are closed, and hotels, botanical gardens and ZOO, outdoor activities are opening.

Also, for those interested in the states of Bavaria and Hamburg, the protection measures in force are mentioned, such as the observance of the public distance in public of 1.5 m between people, the meeting of a maximum of five people from two households, and events are prohibited.

In Bavaria and Hamburg restaurants, terraces, bars, clubs, bus tours, amusement parks, theaters and cinemas, museums and botanical gardens are closed. Public transport and accommodation are being opened in Bavaria, while in Hamburg public transport is operational.

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