Germany has recorded more than one million overnight stays by Romanian tourists

In 2017, Germany recorded more than one million nights from Romanian tourists. Romania is a very important source market for Germany.

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In 2017, German tourism reached record results for the eighth time in a row. Between January and December 2017, the Federal Statistical Office recorded 83,9 millions of international overnight stays, with 3,1 millions more than in 2016.

This corresponds to an increase of 3,6% over the equivalent period of the previous year. Romania remains one of the most dynamic source markets for German tourism, exceeding, in the year 2017, the threshold of one million overnight stays.

Petra Hedorfer, executive director of the German Tourism Organization (DZT), explains: “As expected, German tourism has had a positive evolution during the 2017 year as well. Compared to the previous year, German tourism has tripled its annual growth, an evolution due in particular to the stable internal environment and the excellent positioning of German holiday destinations. We have managed to win guests from all over the world as a tourist destination and to consolidate our annual growth. "


Romania remains the top source market for German tourism

Last year, tourists in Romania exceeded for the first time a million nights in Germany (1.046.606 nights). This means an increase of 18,6% over the year 2016. Romanian tourists go to Germany in particular to spend the holidays (83,8%), for business (33%) and for other purposes (33%).


In general, he prefers to travel by car (45%) and by plane (34%), less by bus and coach (17%) and only by 7% train. Summer and winter are the favorite seasons, and 53% of trips are booked online.

Long trips are preferred, so 41% of Romanian tourists spent 4-7 nights in Germany, spending an average of 45 euros per day and 566 euros on travel. In 2017, 39% of the Romanian tourists who came to Germany visited the destination for the first time.


Increasing demand for leisure tourism

The trip for personal reasons was the growth engine for German tourism. According to the first preliminary annual results of the IPK for the year 2017, the number of trips to Germany increased by 5% overall and by 8% for short holidays.

The number of visits to friends and relatives increased by 7% while the number of business trips is higher than the comparable figure in 2016. City breaks in German cities increased by 15%.

Europe remains the largest source market

Europe continues to be the largest volume market for German tourism - almost two thirds of overnight stays are generated by European tourists. Europe is followed by the US, generating 8,8% of German tourism.

There are also significant growth rates for Brazil, Canada and Central America. Asian markets recorded a percentage increase of 4,5% compared to the previous year's benchmarks. If we look at the dynamism of the markets, Russia is positioned with 20,3% above the level of the previous year, India recorded an increase in overnight stays in Germany with 13,8%, and China with 10,6%.

Other markets in Pacific Asia showing growth dynamics are Japan (plus 7,2%), Korea (plus 12,7%), and Taiwan (plus 13%). Among the high-volume European markets, the primary ones are Romania (plus 18,6%), Austria (plus 6,4%), Poland (plus 10,4%), Hungary (plus 8,5%) and the Czech Republic (plus 4,6%).

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