Germany is considering stopping international flights

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Berlin intends to reduce almost all international flights to Germany to limit the spread of new coronavirus strains.

The danger posed by various mutations in the virus calls for drastic measures to be examined and discussed within the government, including blocking air traffic to Germany, Horst Seehofer (federal interior minister) told Bild.

In addition to stopping flights, the authorities want to apply stricter border controls, especially in areas considered very high risk, as Israel currently does. 

"The population of Germany accepts stricter restrictions in the face of the pandemic and expects us to protect them as best as possible from the new strains of coronavirusSaid Horst Seehofer.

At the same time, Merkel wants to block non-essential travel. It remains to be seen what decision the Berlin authorities will take. We are back with information!

The news is being updated!

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