Germany lifts restrictions on those vaccinated and immunized

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The German government is preparing a package of new anti-covid regulations, but which will remove all restrictions for those vaccinated with the full scheme. Upon entry into Germany, the vaccinated will have to present the vaccination certificate, without having to present the negative PCR test of COVID-19 and without being in quarantine. At the same time, all restrictions on tourism will be lifted.

Tourists will not have to be quarantined

Thus, after a holiday abroad, on his return to Germany, tourists will not have to be quarantined unless they come from an area considered to be at high epidemiological risk. Regulations are already in place in several states that remove restrictions for Germans already vaccinated, so now they just need to apply the reciprocal.

Thus, the goal of this "ambitious" plan is to restore as many citizens as possible to their fundamental rights once they are immunized, because the risk of coronavirus will decrease for them and for society as a whole. The German government hopes that The Council of Ministers to approve the bill on Wednesday and on Thursday and Friday, respectively, it should be ratified by the Bundestag (lower house) and the Bundesrat (territorial chamber).

From the German tourism sector, the CEO of TUI, Fritz Joussen, applauded the change in regulations: "It is fair to restore the freedom of vaccinated people ", said the manager, who considered that fully vaccinated people" do not pose a risk for the spread of the virus and do not contribute to overloading the health system."

"Summer holidays in Germany and southern Europe will be possible in 2021", Said Joussen, coinciding with the forecast made a few days earlier by the federal government's commissioner for tourism, Thomas Bareiß.

Internally, those vaccinated will no longer be required to comply with anti-covid measures. They will be allowed to travel at night, between 22:00 and 05:00, will be able to go to shops, museums, amusement parks and enjoy other restricted services in high-incidence areas.

According to figures from the Ministry of Health, 28,2% of the German population (23,5 million) have received at least one dose and 8,0% (6,5 million people) already have a complete vaccination schedule. To these must be added just over 3 million people who are registered with the German authorities as having already recovered from COVID-19 infection.

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