UK prepares to introduce mandatory COVID-19 test for foreigners

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Update January 8, 2021: It's official! The UK will request a negative COVID-19 test to all those who want to travel to the UK.

In the second half of December 2020, the United Kingdom was isolated from European countries due to a new strain of COVID-19, which got out of control. Inclusive Romania blocked flights and stopped any connection with the United Kingdom for a period of 14 days.

After January 4, all who want to travel from the UK to Romaniamust present, upon boarding, a negative test of COVID-19, and in Romania they will be quarantined for 14 days.

The UK is in lockdown

Due to the avalanche of new cases reported in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, authorities have announced a new lockdown with severe restrictive measures. And in the near future they will even introduce the obligation to present a negative COVID-19 test for foreigners who want to enter the UK.

The new travel conditions in the UK are being analyzed in London and will most likely be announced at the end of this week or next week. Not everyone agrees with the pre-testing and it is still unclear whether it will be applied only to foreigners, as it was originally announced, or even to the British.

With the introduction of this measure, the United Kingdom would align with other countries and regions, which require the presentation of a negative COVID-19 test as early as 2020. Even Romania requires this test for those traveling from the UK. It is a double control measure along with quarantine.

According, the new measure will not replace the 10-day quarantine imposed even on those traveling in Romania. If you plan to travel to the UK, we recommend that you check back frequently the new travel conditions (MFA website) or on UK government website.

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