Greece imposes traffic restrictions at the Kulata - Promachonas border point

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs the Romanian citizens about the new restrictions imposed by Greece. As of 29 October 2020, traffic through the border crossing point Kulata (Bulgaria) - Promachonas (Greece) is no longer allowed between 00:30 and 05:00.

Traffic restrictions at the Kulata - Promachonas border point

The measure comes as a result of the inclusion of the Serres region in the category of territorial administrative units subject to traffic restrictions (alert level 4), according to which it is completely forbidden to travel at night.

Through the border crossing points of Evzoni (Northern Macedonia), Kipi (Turkey), Nymfea (Bulgaria), Kakavia (Albania) and Kristallopigi (Albania) entry is allowed, only between 07.00 and 23.00, only for Greek citizens , holders of a residence permit or permanent residents of Greece, drivers of lorries carrying international goods (TIR) ​​and persons entering Greece for absolutely necessary business travel (which must be properly documented).

Conditions for entering Greece

Regarding the conditions for entry into Greece, we remind you that on 13 October 2020, the Greek authorities announced extension of the measures required upon entry into Greece until 08 November 2020 (23:59), with the express mention that they can be changed at any time, without any notice in case of increasing number of infected people.  

The measure of presentation of a negative molecular test for SARS-CoV-2 infection, taken 72 hours before the moment of entry into the territory of the Hellenic Republic, respectively of the obligation to complete the PLF form and the presentation of the QR code upon entry into Greek territory, applies to all categories of persons entering the territory of Greece, by land and sea, through all border crossing points with the neighboring states of the Hellenic Republic, including Kulata-Promachonas.

Romanian citizens can request consular assistance at the telephone numbers of the Romanian Embassy in Athens: +302106774035 and the Consulate General of Romania in Thessaloniki: +302310340088, the calls being redirected to the Contact and Support Center of Romanian Citizens Abroad (CCSCRS) and taken over by to Call Center operators, on a permanent basis.

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