Greece wants to resume air relations with Russia

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The safe resumption of air connectivity between Greece and Russia was one of the main topics discussed by the Greek Minister of Tourism, Harry Theoharis, on his last official visit to Moscow, he informs

In a meeting with the Russian Deputy Minister of Transport and Head of Tourism, Dmitriy Zverev, Theoharis focused on opening air borders between the two countries to resume flights.

Ministers agreed to proceed immediately to mutual recognition of vaccination certificates issued in Greece and Russia and also to make efforts to overcome the technical problems for the recognition of certificates in digital form.

Theoharis and Zverev also agreed to submit a joint request to the respective health committees in Russia and Greece to extend the flight schedule between the two countries.

Moreover, Theoharis informed the Russian minister about Greece's plan to open tourism by May 14, which will allow the lifting of most restrictions related to Covid and, at the same time, will ensure the protection of the health of locals and tourists.

How visitors will enter Greece

Greece's 5-line tourist plan includes the possibility to travel without restrictions (without quarantine) as long as tourists have were vaccinated / recovered from virus infection (with antibodies) / test Negative PCR, performed less than three days before their trip.

The Greek authorities will also randomized tests for tourists in the markets indicated by the country's EVA system and, if a positive case is detected, it will be isolated immediately.

However, the Greek official said that "It is too early" to confirm with certainty that all travel restrictions can be lifted. "That's what we'd like to do, but it's not certain right nowSaid Theoharis. It should be noted that the Greek authorities recognize the Sputnil V vaccine and will accept tourists vaccinated with this serum.

According to an announcement by the tourism ministry, the minister's visit to the Russian capital is expected to lead to the resumption of tourism activities between Russia and Greece, as well as to the strengthening of ties between the two countries.

"Russian tourists have already chosen our country as their destination and all that remains is the official resumption of travel", Said the Greek minister in an announcement.

"In 2019, Greece hosted over 500.000 Russian tourists and, with the opening of tourism this year, we are ready to welcome every Russian tourist who wants to spend an unforgettable vacation, absolutely safe in our country. The long-standing friendship between Russia and Greece was evident in all the contacts I had during my stay in Moscow. I am leaving Russia only with optimistic messages for the resumption of tourist flows in GreeceSaid Theoharis.

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