In the face of the hurricane, Delta operated an incredible flight on the New York - San Juan route

In the face of a category 5 hurricane, Delta Air Lines managed to operate an exceptional flight on the New York - San Juan route.

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On September 6, shortly before Hurricane Irma struck San Juan, Puerto Rico, Delta Air Lines meteorologists, dispatchers, pilots, cabin crew and ground crew performed an incredible show.

Delta operated an incredible flight

As Hurricane Irma drew closer to Puerto Rico, Delta operated one last flight to evacuate several hundred people from San Juan, just before the airport closed.

DL302-Takeoff-Close-up flightradar

There were other airlines flying to San Juan, but they were unable to land because of the very strong wind.

Flight DL432 (New York - San Juan) took off at 08:39 from New York and landed at 11:58 local time. In less than an hour, the aircraft returned to flight on the route San Juan - New York under the code DL302.

You may be wondering how this was possible? According to weather radars, there appears to have been a gap between the outside of the hurricane and its core, allowing the Delta plane to fly in a band with a calmer atmosphere.

The aircraft landed safely in New York around 16: 15, about 45 minutes faster than estimated.

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