I discovered Vama Veche and Dalboka with #YoungTours

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During the period 14-16 June, Young Tours invited the tourism blogosphere for a trip to Vama Veche and Balchik, Bulgaria. The event marked the opening Pura Vida hostel, the first beach hostel in Vama Veche, but also the launch of Young Tours, an agency dedicated to independent young travelers. For me it meant the first experience in a hostel, but also the first walk to the Bulgarians, at the shell farm in Dalboka.

hostel Pura Vida
Pura Vida hostel

It all started on 14 June 2013, the day we boarded the bus provided by Young Tours and we set off for the Old Customs. We arrived at our destination close to midnight, stayed, ate somewhere in the resort, and then we all gathered on the hostel terrace for a cocktail bucket. In order to preserve the Customs tradition, I proposed that the Pura Vida terrace change its name to "La găletuşe".


Stories between travel bloggers continued until late at night, hoping we'd catch the sunrise. Unfortunately, we were too tired after a long day's work and a long road, so at 3 the gang broke. I can say that I had a great rest on my first night in a hostel. But I still forgot to take my beach slippers and some accessories you can't find in the hostel.

The 15 day of June started with a coffee and a cake made by Julian's mother (thank you Julian's mother). Then we enjoyed some sun and good weather, looking forward to leaving for Bulgaria. At about 13.00 I started towards Tyulenovo, the first destination in Bulgaria and the place where I had lunch, here I also found a rocky landscape on the Black Sea shore.


Then it followed Balchik with the walk on the cliff, a juice, a summer rain, and in the evening he took us to Dalboka, having dinner at the shell farm. There followed a culinary emergency, with the middlemen playing the main roles. With 6 Lever I ate 600 of grams of spicy thousands, and with 7 Lever I took a portion of the mussels stew. The food is cheap in Bulgaria.



We returned to Customs near midnight and each did what he wanted. With the ambition to catch the sunrise, I stayed in stories with some of those present until 6 in the morning. And below is the fruit of my ambition.





(photos were taken with Canon 1100D camera and telephoto lens Canon EF 70-200mm f / 4L IS USM)

The day of June 16 meant the end of a dream weekend spent in Vama Veche, at the Pura Vida hostel. I know it wasn't in the spirit of Customs, we didn't stay in the tent and we didn't get drunk at Stuff, but it was a pleasure to get to know a lot of the tourism and travel blogosphere. Customs received me as it did 3 years ago, but a little more arranged. There were also the famous pancakes with interesting names. And I think summer is just beginning…

Meeting of the Tourism Blogosphere (#rotravel) was supported by #YoungTours, Hostel Peaches, Hostel Floreasca - Bucharest and Pura Vida Beach Hostel Vama Veche.

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