"I want to be a Stewardess" organizes a preparatory course for the interview at an airline

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"I want to be a stewardess" organizes between February 19-23 in Bucharest, Galeria Occidentului (Strada Occidentului no.11), a Intensive training course for people who want to successfully pass the interview at an airline, with emphasis on the specifics of the interviews organized by the Arab companies that come to recruit in Romania.

The course is a complex one, is conducted in English, lasts 5 days, 6 hours daily, and will be supported by Nicoleta Gherman, Qatar Airways flight attendant for 10 years, of which in the last 5 has been Cabin Services. director.

Special guests:
• Flight attendant with over 10 years experience in aviation
• HR specialist with experience in recruiting on board companions

During 5 days you will have the opportunity to learn and prepare intensively for the interview at an airline, from the way you communicate, attitude, personal image, to the actual simulation of an interview in front of an examiner. At the end of the simulated interview, you will receive direct feedback on how you presented yourself, as well as on how you accumulated and applied the knowledge gained during the course.

After the 5 days of class, you will leave home with a whole lot of knowledge about how you need to communicate, present yourself, react and solve the various tasks given during an interview.

Moreover, at the end of the course you will have a perfect CV, closely verified and corrected by an HR specialist, professional photos attached to the CV, made by a professional photographer and you will learn from a make-up artist and a stylist how to properly makeup and hairstyle on the day of the interview.

Participation fee:

• 200 euro, special price for registrations until January 15
• 230 euros, for registrations between 16 January and 18 February
* The payment is made in lei at the BNR exchange rate on the day of payment

The participation fee includes:
- 5 days of intensive course - final interview simulation - hairstyle & make-up session - photo session - CV make-up - books on CD: “How to answer flight attendant interview questions” by Joseph Belotti and “How to become an Air Hostess ”by Patricia Telling - coffee, tea, water, juices throughout the course

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