I want to try Wizz Air services and I don't know what destination to fly to. What do you recommend?

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I have been flying for a few years, I have experienced several airlines, but I have not flown so far with Wizz Air. I have heard all kinds of stories, experiences lived by satisfied and dissatisfied people, the services of this low-cost company. But I have no experience with them yet.

So today I decided to fly to a destination operated by Wizz Air, departing from Bucharest. The network is large, flying to many destinations in Spain, Italy, France, England, Belgium. More recently, Wizz Air also flies to Tel Aviv, Larnaca, Oslo.

Okay, but what destination do I fly with? Tough choice. What do you recommend? I promise that I will travel to the most voted destination of your choice.

You just have to tick a destination, and I take care of the rest. On my return I will tell my experience as it will be. I hope one as beautiful as possible!

If you want, you can also leave comments to argue your choice, maybe some useful tips. Thank you and I look forward to your votes!

  1. Petruș Lungu says

    Who voted Oslo to come and make a quest for you to spend money. :))

    I understood that this destination is expensive in hell.

  2. Sorin Rusi says

    I want the destination, I take care of the rest. It can be a day trip, maybe a city break: D. See!

  3. Marius says

    I voted Oslo 😀 because I also want to go there (also with Wizz) in the near future.

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