IAII is a photogenic city even from a height (Video / Photo)

IAII is a beautiful city even shot in flight. I always admire him for taking off and landing. The latest experience was filmed on 25 June 2017, within the project #UnimRomania with #BlueAir.

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It's no secret that I like to fly as much as possible. Proof is the most recent project I took part in - #UnimRomania cu #BlueAir. We had 5 flights in 4 days and united the great cities of our homeland (Bucharest - Cluj-Napoca - Constanța - Timișoara - Iași).

The city of IAII is photogenic

But the most beautiful take off I had at IAII. The aircraft Boeing 737-500 (YR-AMC) took off from the 14 runway of the airport, then followed a right turn, above the city, and entered the flight corridor to Bucharest.






IAI is a photogenic city and I am glad because I was able to admire it on a sunny summer day!

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