Iberia pilots on strike - as promised!

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Did I tell you that Iberia employees are the most dissatisfied? Here it is they keep the promise and began the series of 30 days of strike, between 9 April and 20 July, every Monday and Friday.

Yesterday, over 150 races were canceled. Domestic flights were affected, especially Madrid - Barcelona, ​​but also flights to destinations in Europe and nine transatlantic flights. The losses are quite high and I don't think Iberia is doing well in this regard. The reason for the strike is the establishment of the low-cost company Iberia Express (it operated the promo flight on March 25).

The pilots' union claims that the new low-cost company will destroy 8.000 jobs, a fact denied by Iberia officials. I can say that these strikes could affect both companies, and the 20 000 employees will suffer. I am curious how the problem will be solved.

If we follow the strike schedule, the next one will be Friday, April 13.

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