Iceland has abandoned quarantine and relaxed national rules on COVID

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Iceland raises several national rules on COVID-19, including the quarantine requirement. The Icelandic authorities have announced that the country's citizens will no longer be obliged to comply with the quarantine rules, as this regulation has been abolished.

According to a press release issued by the Icelandic Ministry of Health, people who are already in self-isolation should not undergo COVID-19 testing to end their quarantine period.

 "A regulation that includes the abolition of quarantine due to COVID-19 infection enters into force immediately. Those who are already in quarantine do not have to show up for sampling to get out of quarantine, and this is also true for those who should have gone for testing today. " is stated in the statement of the Ministry of Health of Iceland. "The obligation to take samples at the end of quarantine will also be removed", the Ministry added.

While the authorities stressed that the rules of entry will remain unchanged for arriving passengers, they announced that less stringent national restrictions on COVID-19 will now apply in the country.

Starting today, the number of people allowed indoors during the same period will increase to 200. Previously, it was a limit of 50 people. On the other hand, restrictions on the number of people for outdoor areas will be removed.

Similarly, stores will no longer have restrictions in place when it comes to the number of people who are allowed access.

Crowded events with up to 1.000 people will also be allowed now, provided everyone is seated and wearing a mask.

Regarding the requirement to wear masks in outdoor and indoor public areas, the Ministry explained that the citizens of the country, as well as travelers, will be obliged to comply with this requirement only if the rules of distance of one meter can not be observed. .

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