OFFICIAL: Iran acknowledges that it accidentally shot down civilian aircraft 737-800 UIA

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Iran acknowledges accidentally taking down Boeing 737-800 Ukraine International Airlines and apologizes, announces Bloomberg.

The statement was made by an official of the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces. He said they are on alert. "It was a human error. The culprits will be identified and the judicial authorities will be notified ”.

Following an internal investigation, the Iranian military admits that the civilian aircraft was accidentally shot down. The excuse would have been that Boeing 737-800 Ukraine International Airlines flew close to an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps military site. "Due to the angle and altitude at which it was flying, the aircraft was classified as a hostile target. The plane was shot down following a human error ”.

The "accident" is attributed to the tensions of the last day and the American threats. Finally, Iran acknowledges with subject and preached that the plane was shot down by their missiles, "by mistake."

Iran accidentally shot down civilian aircraft

We remind you that one The Boeing 737-800 UIA crashed near Tehran, on January 8, 2020. Following the tragic event, 176 people lost their lives, 9 crew members and NUMBER of passengers. Until Friday, Iran denied an attack on the plane, accusing Western governments of "psychological warfare."

But several Western officials received firm information that the Boeing 737-800 UIA was accidentally shot down. The concrete evidence comes from a satellite of the United States of America, which detected the firing of two SA-15 ground-to-air missiles. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif blames Iran-US tensions in recent days (statement above)

Looking at the map, you can't see this military base. According to flightradar24, the aircraft appeared to fly according to plan, having a north-west direction to the airport, in line with the runway from which it took off. He flew in a straight line for 2 minutes, steadily ascending. Then he turned slightly to the right and flew for 42 seconds. That was the point when he stopped transmitting data and crashed.

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