Israel intends to block international flights for a period of 14 days

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Israel will ban all flights for 14 days. The restrictions will apply to international and Israeli airlines. There are rumors that the flights will be blocked only until January 31, the deadline by which the lockdown would expire, but there is the possibility of extending the deadline.

The authorities took this decision following a government meeting, which took place on Sunday, and the aim is to slow down the spread of the new strains of COVID-19, informs

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during the government meeting: "We are before the whole world. No nation has done what we are going to do - we seal the country tightly".

All cargo, medical emergency and firefighting flights will be exempted from this measure. The flights will be able to land or take off from Israel following the approvals of the authorities.

Tourism Minister Orit Farkash-Hacohen of Kahol Lavan said during the meeting that closing the airport was an "extreme step" and a violation of basic rights. Despite this, he added that the closure period is "logical" and that Israel must take advantage of this window to vaccinate more members of the ultra-Orthodox and Arab communities.

Once approved by the Cabinet, the new restrictions must also be approved by the Committee on Economic Affairs and the Committee on the Constitution, Law and Justice.

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