Israel has lifted all restrictions on COVID-19

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The Israeli Ministry of Health confirms the lifting of the restrictions imposed by Coronavirus starting with June 2021, as a result of the success of the national vaccination program. The pre-pandemic routine will be resumed gradually, starting with access to certain locations without proof of vaccination until the mask is removed indoors.

Israel in the top of the states with a successful vaccination campaign

Coronavirus cases are declining globally compared to the first quarter of the year. In Israel, there is even one of the fastest declining rates due to the vaccination program. The current number of daily cases (based on a weekly average) fell from 8.600 at the peak of the health crisis to just 27 this week, with 510 active infections.

In this context, the Israeli Ministry of Health announced that, from the beginning of June, all remaining coronavirus restrictions will be lifted nationwide.

Tourism is once again accessible to foreign travelers

Israel has already initiated a pilot program dedicated to tourists from abroad. Starting in May, the Ministry of Tourism allows the first international groups to visit the Holy Land provided that all tourists crossing the border are vaccinated and undergo a PCR test before boarding. Currently, children are not included in this action.

Restrictions will be phased out

Until recently, proof of vaccination conditioned access to many locations in Israel for both its citizens and international tourists. But with the onset of summer, restrictions will be lifted.

From June 1, proof of vaccination is no longer required to enter various locations, and capacity limits for shops, restaurants and other enclosures will be raised. There will be no other conditions for meetings, indoors or outdoors. Israel returns to pre-pandemic routine.

However, the requirement to wear indoor masks remains in force for at least the next two weeks, during which time health experts will assess whether to waive this directive as well.

As a result, Israel is once again a holiday destination that completely covers the needs and desires of any type of tourist, from lovers of azure beaches to lovers of history or delicious food.

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