Italy gives up the mask, outdoors!

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As of Friday, February 11, Italy is giving up the mask, outdoors. It will be possible to travel without a mask in the open air, throughout Italy. Authorities recommend that the mask be worn in the crowd and remain mandatory in enclosed public spaces until at least March 31, 2022.

Italy is moving towards a new "normalcy" although there are still many other restrictions on COVID applied nationally and at borders.

It is expected that Italy will no longer extend COVID restrictions after March 31, which would mean that Italians could travel without masks, even indoors, in shops, clubs, restaurants. But until then, some more relaxation has been approved.

As of March 1, Italy has approved that the physical presence in the stands be up to 75% of the capacity of the stadiums, and in restaurants and bars to accept up to 60% of the capacity. This would be the new "normality", slightly different from the one established so far, in the pandemic.

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