Italy maintains a 14-day self-isolation for all those traveling from Romania, until October 7

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It is a state of emergency in Italy, according to information issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And from September 8, Italy extended the period of the self-isolation measure from 14 days until October 7. It applies to those traveling from Romania and Bulgaria.

Italy applies entry restrictions on the national territory to all those traveling from Romania and Bulgaria.

  • With effect from 24 July 2020, persons who have been or transited the territory of Romania and Bulgaria in the last 14 days prior to arrival in Italy are subject to the obligation of self-isolation and medical supervision for a period of 14 days. The Italian authorities have decided to extend the application of these measures until 7 October.  
  • From 9 July, anyone entering Italy from abroad is obliged to present to the carrier or police forces in case of control, a statement on one's own responsibility.
  • In the case of persons arriving from Romania, they will have to specify in detail in the declaration on their own responsibility the place where they will spend the period of sanitary surveillance and isolation at home, the private means of transport through which they will go to that address and a telephone number. at which they can be contacted during this period (including a mobile phone number). Carriers must also measure the temperature of the passengers and prevent the journey of those found with a fever.

The measures were extended until October 7, 2020

  • Persons who, on arrival from Romania to Italy by public transport, cannot travel by private means to the address at which they will carry out the isolation at home, indicated in the declaration on their own responsibility, will have to carry out quarantine. in a location established by the Civil Protection, at his own expense. They must promptly report any symptoms of Covid-19 to the Public Health Directorate.
  • Similarly, individuals arriving from Romania to Italy by private means of transport are obliged to immediately communicate their entry into Italian territory to the Prevention Department within the local Public Health Directorate. They will be subject to the measure of sanitary surveillance and isolation at home for a period of 14 days, at the address communicated to the Public Health Directorate and will have to quickly signal the appearance of possible symptoms of Covid-19.

Exceptions to the obligation of self-isolation on arrival in Italy applied to citizens arriving in or transiting Romania in the last 14 days:

  • means of transport crews;
  • navigating personnel;
  • persons entering Italy for work purposes covered by special safety protocols approved by the competent health authority;
  • in case of entries for reasons not subject to postponement, including participation in sporting events and exhibitions at international level, after obtaining an authorization from the Ministry of Health and with the obligation to present to the carrier at the time of embarkation or any person designated to perform checks, the certificate confirms the performance, within 72 hours prior to entry into the national territory, of a buffer-type molecular diagnostic or antigen capture test with a negative result.

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