Japan Airlines confirms order for 32 Mitsubishi Regional Jet aircraft (Video)

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Japan Airlines has confirmed the order for 32 of Mitsubishi Regional Jet units, passenger aircraft with the capacity of up to 90 of seats.

In August 2014, Japan Airlines expressed its intention to order 32 of regional planes from Mitsubishi, and 28 confirmed 2015 on January. The new aircraft will be delivered starting with 2021 and will be operated by the regional subsidiary J-Air, which currently has the fleet of 9 Bombardier CRJ200 and 5 Embraer 170 units. Japan Airlines was pleased with the new generation of Mitsubishi Regional Jet aircraft.

President of Japan Airlines, Yoshiharu Ueki, said that MRJ will be the main regional aircraft in its fleet and will provide the best services to passengers by constantly expanding the network and improving the quality of services and products. He also said that the Oneworld alliance, of which Japan Airlines is a part, is contributing to the birth of the first Japanese passenger plane.



To date, the Mitsubishi Regional Jet program has registered orders for 233 aircraft and 160 options. MRJ is available in two versions, RJ-70 (78 seats in one class) and RJ-90 (92 seats). The aircraft will be equipped with Pratt & Whitney PW1200G engines, whose certification is planned for 2016.

The first of seven MRJs scheduled for testing (two for ground tests, five planes for flight tests) is painted, and another three are in final assembly at the Mitsubishi plant in Nagoya. The inaugural flight is scheduled for the second quarter of this year, and the release is scheduled for 2017.

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