June 30 is the deadline by which holiday vouchers issued in previous years can still be used for reservations.

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Holiday vouchers issued in previous years can still be used for reservations until June 30, 2022. GEO 131/2021, issued at the end of last year, provides that “the validity period of holiday vouchers issued between January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2020 , regardless of the support, is extended until June 30, 2022 ”.

In parallel, employees can use holiday vouchers 2022, if the amounts have already been transferred to the card. We remind you that holiday vouchers can be used exclusively for holidays in Romania, and the services must contain at least one night of accommodation. It is not allowed to pay with holiday vouchers services billed to another beneficiary, but only to their owner.

The most complete tourist package can be found in the licensed travel agencies and can contain, in addition to accommodation for at least one night, meals, spas, transport, optional tourist programs.

Between January and May 2022, 19768895 holiday vouchers were issued, amounting to 943831114 lei (190 million euros). It is estimated that vouchers worth 350 million euros will be issued for the whole year.

At present, holiday vouchers are an essential vector for domestic tourist traffic. Both state institutions and companies and private companies can grant these vouchers to employees, which are approved for annual issuance for 5 years (2022-2026).

ANAT wants holiday vouchers to be more attractive to employees and private employers. Unlike the state, where holiday vouchers are limited to 1450 lei per person per year, employees in the private sector can be legally granted vouchers worth up to 6 minimum wages.

One way to increase the attractiveness of holiday vouchers is to reduce the income tax to zero, which would involve returning to the original 2009 regulation.

But an even more effective measure would involve a more modern tax credit formula. ANAT together with the social partners makes this formula available to the government to improve the system, with the aim that at least 1 million employees in the private sector (about 25%) benefit from these vouchers. This measure would be the easiest and fastest possible to generate as a measure to stimulate domestic tourism, with its multiplier economic effect. On the other hand, holiday vouchers are needed, especially in the absence of staff in all areas.

In 2021, holiday vouchers were granted, only for employees in the private sector, worth about 50 million euros.

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