London Heathrow Airport was built from sweet cake (Photo)

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We are on the verge of Christmas. We make the latest preparations to celebrate the birth of the Lord as it should. But first of all, we're getting ready to wait for Santa. Obviously, the sweet cake and the glass of milk are missing.

From sweet cake you can make many cakes in different forms. But some artists managed to build the London Heathrow Airport in miniature.

London Heathrow sweet cake

The design was provided by Candice Brown, and artist Michele Wibowo managed to build a sweet cake edible airport. The runways, the passenger terminal and the air traffic control tower were built. Obviously, there were no missing the planes and sleigh of Santa Claus.

This edible and sweet work of art was exhibited for one day at London Heathrow Airport.

For this airport, 200 working hours, 20 kg of flour, 30 kg of sugar and 20 kg of butter were needed. But hundreds of decorations.

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