Malta denies access to all unvaccinated passengers against COVID-19

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The Maltese Minister of Health has stated that only those with a British or European vaccination certificate will be allowed to enter Malta on 14 July. "As of Wednesday, July 14, anyone coming to Malta must have a recognized vaccination certificate: a Maltese certificate, a British certificate or a European Union certificate"Said Chris Fearne.

Malta has said it will be the first European country to close its borders to all those who have not been completely vaccinated against coronavirus. The decision was made after an increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases.

From 14 July, only people with a Maltese, British or European vaccination certificate will be able to travel to Malta, suggesting that tourists from the United States and other third countries will not be allowed to enter.

The only exception will be unvaccinated children aged 5-12, who will be allowed to enter Malta with a negative test and are accompanied by fully vaccinated parents.

Unlike other parts of Europe, the increase in the number of coronavirus cases in Malta has not been attributed to the Delta variant, which is thought to be more contagious. Health Inspector Charmaine Gauci said on Friday that only seven of the country's 252 active cases had been identified as Delta.

Malta has so far had 30.851 cases of the new coronavirus, with 420 deaths. Malta has been recognized and recognized as a European success story for its vaccination campaign. 79% of the adult population in Malta has been fully vaccinated to date.

In conclusion, if you plan to travel to Malta, you must have a complete vaccination schedule!

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